BVRMC Flying Rules

  1. All vehicles to be parked in designated area, not in pit area.
  2. Frequency Pegboard system to be operated at all times for non 2.4ghz equipment.Transmitter aerials to be fully retracted when not in use.
  3. "Running in" of engines must be done at a reasonable distance from the pit area and no radio to operate.
  4. BVRMC are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). Members operating all model types up to a maximum of 20kg must adhere to all CAA & BMFA rules and exemptions taking particular note to any regarding BVRMC being in category D airspace.
  5. No flying over other activities in areas adjacent to the flying field, pits, car park or area North of the access road (including take-off and landings). With reference to permitted flying area diagram on reverse of sheet.
  6. During flying all pilots and spotters must stand in the same pilots box, which are mown in grass rectangles at either end of the runway. No models are to be released behind flying pilots or from the pit area at any time.
  7. Position of helicopter hovering area and use of the runway to be agreed by pilots on the day.
  8. Flying times to be strictly adhered to.
    I.C.powered models from 9:00am until 9:30pm on all days.
    Electric/Silent flight models from 7:00am until 10:00pm on all days.
  9. All flyers are required to provide proof of BMFA insurance on request at all times.
  10. All members, parents, guardians and carers are to comply with club Policy and Procedure for the Promotion of Welfare and Care of Children and Vulnerable adults.
  11. Any member causing damage to another memberís model and / or equipment as a result of ignoring these rules will be liable for financial reimbursement to the injured party.
  12. If retrieving a model from farmerís fields to the South of flying field, members must not climb any fencing surrounding those fields. Members should use the roadway leading to the public footpath through the farmerís field.
  13. Members operating models between 7-20kg must be flown below 400ft.
  14. First person view (FPV) flying must be performed following all current CAA rules and exemptions taking particular note to any regarding BVRMC being in category D airspace.
  15. Members are not permitted to Guest other flyers without approval by the Committee in accordance with the clubs operating licence agreement with the Council.